NEWS – A Fresh Idea

Hey Everyone,

This is iHawku here bring you some new’s coming your way on a major idea I have.

News Update – 4/30/2015


Yes, That’s right. I am thinking of starting up a podcast that is raw and unfiltered.

My Goal:

I want to bring to all of you something Fun, Entertaining, and something more personal. I want to make a podcast that everyone will enjoy listening to on any topic. My goal is not to have you listening for a half hour long but more like 10 to 15 mins per episode. I want to leave you all feeling great, not bored. So I plan on having guest for the show with me as your host where we talk about idea’s and topics about anything you want to hear about. I want to Engage all of you in the episodes by reading your comment’s and/or your idea’s, because in the end this isn’t just for me but for all of you as well.

You are all like family to me and I want to get you involved in anyway possible. I want to hear from you and I want to bring anyone on the show that wants to have fun and to be proud of being apart of everything I do. So please don’t be shy and/or think I don’t listen because I do and I would love to listen to all of you on your idea’s or topics.

I want to hear from all of you so please drop me an email @

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Also please hit that subscribe button on Youtube and you might just see you positive comments hit the shout out mark at the end of my videos which will be a new feature once I get my new microphone. Link to Youtube:

Thank you all for reading.

iHawku saying “Have a great day and I can’t wait to hear from you, my family.”


Tuesday Update – 4/28/2015


Hey Everyone,

That’s right its your Tuesday Update Coming at you on time and up front(WTF?!?!). That’s right up front, meaning you will always get the real me being personal,Honest, and Humble because that’s what you all deserve and that’s been my aim since day one.

Without further a due, Let’s Get started.

Gaming Update – So This week I have some things recorded for you and will be released after tomorrow. I am getting an actual microphone tomorrow so everything will be better. The next Tuesday Update will be in May and I have another let’s play game series coming out next month in May which will be The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. I will be doing more videos as time goes on and will get schedules ready for all you very soon.

Streaming – I plan on doing way more streaming from my PS4 and I will get a streaming schedule ready for all you. So you all will have a much chance of knowing what day and which times I will be streaming. So stay tuned I plan on streaming alot of games and it’s going to be amazing, fun times ahead.

Blogging – I love writing everything for you guys so far and that love grows everyday so I will be doing more and I plan on adding a new Scheduled Daily Post so then you all will have 3 Daily Post to look forward to. I can’t wait to share some new things with you all because I plan on writing a story and I want to involve all you in the story process.

Brand – I plan on starting a fundraiser once the brand get’s more attention and grows more. I have a few T-shirt designs I can’t wait to share with you all as well as a T-Shirt series that will amazing and I can’t wait to share the idea with you all. So go out there and help grow the LotusFamily brand because We are all family here ^.^

Other New’s – I am very excited my Fiancee Candi, is starting school next fall for photography and I am very proud of her for everything she has done for us as well as for taking steps toward her dream. Expect another Very Special Feature in the future with her because it will be an amazing piece and it’s very inspiring and life changing stories that make some of you see what I see in her everyday.

Ok now I want to share something with all of you that I want to leave you all inspired to be a better person and to always keep at it even in the hard times.

Story Time – So one of my sister’s is having a birthday coming up soon and I talked to my father last night. He informed me that he had recently got in touch with Kelsey and had made plan’s to see her on her birthday as well as treat her to a nice dinner. When I talked to him and he told me that felt happiness for him, I also felt amazed because it’s a changing point for him and show’s that he still want’s to become a better person. Which is a great thing knowing one of his brother’s that just past away awhile ago had a hard time moving forward and letting go of the hatred.

I told my dad last night that it’s great he’s trying to reconnect with my sister again and I just encourage him that he was doing the right thing and it’s inspiring because I have told him before plenty of times that it’s never to late to change your life in making it better and that it’s never to late reconnect with someone you love.

Now I don’t think I had that much influence but I would like to think that he started believing in himself and start believing in change by seeing me trying hard to become a better person.

I love everyone I have in my life and if I can help them become a better person just by showing them, well then I know we can all make a difference even if it’s a small one because that small change could someday become a big change that you make in this world.

Remember Your Scar’s can turn into Beauty if you believe it can.

iHawku saying “Have a great day and Remember You always have family here.”

Tuesday Update – 4/21/2015

Hello #LotusFamilie

I am iHawku, here to bring you a Tuesday Update for 4/21/2015 that you can only find here ~.^

Feeling Refreshed and Renewed……

Today, I am feeling refreshed and renewed because yesterday was one of my first long streams I have ever done. It made me feel great and I am feeling more & more comfortable everyday and with that includes feeling better about editing and making videos as well.

I know I have not been uploading daily but I think now I’m doing better with it and I feel more confident about doing this and I do owe it to my fiancee and the rest of my #LotusFamilie that I consist of Family, Friends and Fans.

I know I just started this Lotus Familie but I wanted to start a brand that would be focused towards all those who believe in me and support me and stand behind me. I made it because I honor family and peace. Family never has to be blood related but rather I think of family of those deep bonds we hold so dearly to us and that’s what this brand is all about.

The Brand #LotusFamilie isn’t just about me but all of us and I consider anyone who read’s these to be apart of this family and apart of me which I honor every single day will honor it every day you all support me.

I will always aim to be a better and greater person and that growth will never stop because to stop growing is to stop living and I love life and all it’s beauty. There may be negative forces in the world and I can’t stop all of that but I can inspire and bring a little ounce of positive force to everyone I can reach and to everyone who are looking for it.

Update on Current State of Content:

I happy to announce that I am working on video’s to bring you all daily and will do a better job of bring content to you all daily.

As we speak, I am rendering a video right now but my computer sucks at rendering lol so it take 2 hours per video to render at 720p and if anyone wants to help me out I can always setup a donation link but that would be all up to you guys so please down below tell me what you guys are hoping to see and if you have anything else you want to say I welcome and encourage to hear from all of you.

Thank You all #LotusFamilie for reading and as always…….

iHawku saying ” Have a Wonderful Night and I will see you later.” ^.^