Sorry 2 all my Lotus Familie

I am truly sorry….

I didn’t get a Saturday Feature done this weekend. I got caught up in trying to promote myself further. I did a live stream and then totally lost track of time and then ended up forgetting all together and I wanted to do something very special for a friend of mine who’s girlfriend is going through treatment for Leukemia and going through some songs to try to find something that both of them will really like and I think I found one but you guys won’t know until later when I write the post.

So anyways I want to say sorry to everyone who supports me and looks at all my blog post.


In Closing….

I am sorry and hope you all forgive me. On Friday, I was kind of discouraged because I work hard for this and started alittle bit after my friend did and I forgot the golden rule of an business in life and that is to not worry what others are doing and not to focus on how well others are doing and how bad your doing because going down that path only keeps making things worst for you and I forgot that this weekend.

This is very hard for me to admit to everyone cause I try to be so positive and I kind of fell in a dark hole this weekend but with the help of the love of my life Candi and some friends. That I just have to keep at it and not worry what everyone else is doing because it’s hard to climb out of that hole once you fall down into it.

So this the first sight of me being at my most personal and I always want to be honest and humble to all of you that support me and Thanks for sticking with me. I appreciate it everyone from the bottom of my heart.

iHawku saying “Have a great morning and hope you all a wonderful week. Be safe my family.”