Feature Saturday – 4/18/2015 *Name Change*

Saturday April 18, 2015

So I officially Changed the name of this weekly post from “Songs 4 the Weekends” to “Feature Saturday”. It’s all the same content which will Feature a Person and a Song for the weekend to help inspire others to pursue their dreams. This weekend I have the perfect person and song in mind so without further a due lets get this rolling right with the person First and Song last. I hope you guys enjoy this read and hope the person & song mentioned in this post can inspire you to take the first step forward.

Featured Person of the Weekend is…………………



Background of Nolan James Burke from personal experience. The time I met Nolan I knew him as Monster on XBL(Xbox Live) and what little I did know of him at first was that his friends Bronzwini and Panties were some of my first friend’s going into Call of Duty. I knew by looking at his profile that he was from California and Loved Music as much as he loved Gaming as well as somethings related to the Grim Reaper aka His name now lol. Over the years I knew of his band and how they tried so hard to make it into the music scene which is one of the hardest things to get into that I know of. Nolan and I have been friends for many years now and over those years I have seen him make huge personal achievements from Getting in Shape to making big changes in his life one of which led him to meet his Girlfriend Griimreaperess. Nolan and his girlfriend made a huge step forward in this last year or so not just moving in together but to move to Virginia also. From our little squad group of Bronzwini, Panties, Monster,Me(xZenSurfinGx), Charlie Br0wn, Silica/Finnagan to His current team now to follow his dream which is Team INFINITY or Team INI for short.

Current Dream of Nolan’s – His current dream is one he shares with his team in becoming professional Esports Team. I have been in alot of his team’s Livestream and I can honestly say I’m happy and Proud of my friend Nolan and his team. From what I have seen they are very down to earth group and they show great support in one another and they believe in eachother which is why I fully stand behind my friend Nolan and his team. I wish them the best of luck in chasing down their dream and achieving it together.

In Closing – So in closing I would like anyone who reads this that its never too late to follow your dreams and you can never be to old to dream big.

To Nolan James Burke – I would like my friend Nolan to know that I am very happy and proud to have met him when I did and to see his growth over the years in becoming a great person to have as a friend. I am very honored to Feature him in this post and Happy he found a girl who not only shares his dream but in everything he likes as well. I asked Nolan what kind of info he wanted me to put into this post and all he said was put all the team’s info in this post and that is honorable beyond words so I will honor his request.


https://www.youtube.com/user/teaminfinityini – TEAM INI YOUTUBE

https://twitter.com/Team_INI – TEAM INI TWITTER

https://instagram.com/Team_INI – TEAM INI INSTAGRAM

http://www.twitch.tv/team_ini – TEAM INI TWITCH

THANK YOU Nolan, GriimReaperess, and the rest of TEAM INI for letting me feature Not only my friend but you guys as well.



I choose this song as it not only is inspiring but is also our Secret Calling to our hopes in fulfilling our Dream’s and that its never too late to hear your future calling you from the distance.

Song: Secret Calling  – Artist: I EXIST

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Tuesday – You know whats coming!?!?!?!?!? 4/14/2015

AAAAWWW YYYYEEEEAAAAHHHH Son, It’s Tuesday and You Know What That Means?!?!?!?! Time for This Update to BEGIN………..

Hey Guys & Gals, It’s iHawku Coming at you with the Behind the scenes Tuesday Update that happens weekly and is something to look forward to every week. Where I give you insight on current goals for the week and a slew a stories of everything that went down since last Tuesday’s Update. So without further a due lets jump right into it of today the 14 of April, 2015.

Stories First, WWWWHHHHHAAAAATTTTTT!?!?!?!?!?!?

So since the last update we followed with our first Video which honestly didn’t turn out too great but they will get better, I mean honestly there’s only one way to go and that’s up since I am at Rock Bottom now lol. This whole week has been crazy for me I have been trying to get a another job so I can make money to get better equipment so I can make better video’s for everyone but I have not had luck getting one yet but I will. Also This weekend was my fiancee’s Brother’s Birthday, his name is Shane and Saturday was his birthday family dinner where my fiancee’s side of her family all get together to share a meal and where everyone can have fun talking and making fun of each other. My Daughter Nevaeh got to see her cousin Lexi (Who is Shane’s Daughter). Nevaeh is 3 and Lexi is 2, They always have fun together causing chaos and soon another cousin of theirs Mason will be joining Them as soon as he gets to walk lol. My Fiancee’s family all do this at her parents house hosted by Jim & Irene where everyone one goes to for family events which include from Oldest to Youngest – Shane, Candi(my Fiancee), Joie, Ashley, and Isaiah then with all of our kids it goes – Nevaeh(my Daughter), Lexi(Shane’s Daughter), and Mason(Ashley’s Son). Now I cant complete this story without the spouses/relationships of everyone so Shane’s wife is Elise, Im with Candi so yeah lol, Then there’s Joie with his GF Johnna, Ashley’s fiancee is Nick, and Isaiah’s GF name is Ashley.

Wow, ok now that I have listed everyone off lets move along to Sunday. Sunday my Fiancee and myself along with our daughter went to Canby to visit my parents where Nevaeh always has a fun time seeing all of her grandparents especially all in one weekend. So I don’t forget my parents names are Tim & Lori and I have another mom named Christina who I dont see that often and I feel bad for that and need to make a better effort of seeing as well.

Future Goals for this week are as follow but not always in the right order.

Get more video’s going Daily but if I cant then my own personal goal is to release atleast 2 video’s if not more since I only did one last week.

Also Look forward to Saturday’s Post is going to be written and released on Saturday at Midnight when its turning into Saturday cause The Person I am Featuring also Has an event this weekend and I want to make sure he has plenty of time to share it before his event kicks off. So stay tuned for that Story Feature on SONGS 4 THE WEEKENDS.

Also I am planning on releasing another blog with behind the Person – iHawku Personal Story #2 and I want to start a brand new Blog Series which I will not tell you about until I release it.

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Songs 4 the Weekends – 4/11/2015

Hey Everyone,

I am starting another series which will be Songs 4 the weekends. A series that I want to show inspiration and hope will help anyone who is having a bad day or had a bad week. Life is too short and if there’s anything I have learned from the people that inspire me is that its never to late to change to become a better person and that life is too short not to help out all the people in making this world a better place.

So in kicking off this post I thought of sharing about a song that inspires me now and is a tribute to a person who loved to give back and was a huge celebrity who was so down to earth that he inspired alot more people like me and was a huge role model. #ForPaulWalker , so with out further a due I give you the very first Song 4 the weekend of April 11 & 12.

“See you again” by Wiz Khalifa & Charlie Puth. I hope you guys enjoy this beautiful song and I hope it inspires all of you as it inspires me.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BltqG-OTE3Q – Heres a lyric video of the song.

In Closing I also want to help out a fellow friend of mine who I have played soccer/futball with when we were younger. He has a youtube channel, facebook, and blog. He’s following his dream as am I. His name is Chris and his gaming reviews is Real World Gamers. Check him out heres the link to his facebook please give him a follow. Thanks everyone. https://www.facebook.com/xRealWorldGamersx?fref=ts

Behind The Person – iHawku Personal Story #1

Behind The Person – iHawku Personal Story 01

Right now as I’m typing this, my daughter is sitting her on my lap trying to go back to sleep after awaking from a nightmare and it reminds me of everything I sacrificed to get to this point and everything I did since I graduated high school.

Many of my friends from high school don’t probably know is that I didn’t end up moving to central america but instead I moved south from my hometown to the town my grandma and my uncle(who was disabled). The day of my graduation came and by the end of it I had heard a story that had me worried for my grandmother and decided that I would move down to their house but I lied to all my friends about where I was going and it made me feel horrible. The story I heard was that my grandmother had forgotten where she lived and it took her several hours to find her way back home at the point that when she finally arrived home, she had cried because things where getting tougher for her. So I moved in with her and my uncle back in 2005 and took over all of her duties in taking care of my uncle but I never took her paycheck away from her. So at this point I had sacrificed any chances of college life and traded it for an experience that I will never forgot and would ultimately get me to this point now with a fiancee that I truly love and a daughter that I will always love & be there for anytime she needs me. But I’m skipping ahead to a future story that I will reveal some other time but my point to all this is.

Never regret a decision that is bigger than just yourself that’s a positive step forward because you may never what great things or people are further down that road. If there’s anything I learned from the life and death of my grandmother is that you can’t take your wealth with you but you can have peace of mind knowing that the positive things you do life still have the smallest impact on everyone you know and knowing you used some of that wealth on the people that you care for the most wont just live on in your heart but in the hearts of those you touched along the way.

In Closing, we have all done bad things in the past but we must all keep our heads forward and learn from the mistakes so that we may right them in the future. So as I type this now I hope you guys enjoyed my story and you now know more about myself that you will not find anywhere else.

Stay Tuned in here for any and all stories and thoughts so you may get to know me alittle more each time I post one of these.

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First Video Coming out later tonight….

Life is Strange

This Game Live – Life is Strange :

My first video will be out later tonight its live gameplay of “Life Is Strange” and the title for this video deries and some others will be This Game Live.

I’m still working out the audio so please don’t hate me too much since I dont have an good equipment to make videos and I’m still waiting trying to get all this stuff together but eventually I will have a better computer for rendering and alot better mic setup for the commentaries. So please help me out by checking out the video (again I’m very sorry in advance for the audio I’m trying to get it worked out).

Side note, You will hear my 3 yr old talk in the video so again sorry if she may be alittle loud.

Thanks for reading and keep an eye out later tonight for my first video. Thanks, this is iHawku saying “Have a great day and I’m Out.”

Tuesday Update – 4/7/2015

Hey Everyone, iHawku here with your Tuesday Update!!!!!!

Tuesday Update: So Easter weekend just came and went. It was a mixed weekend at best lol because on Saturday, my Fiancee and I took our daughter to a Egg hunt at Alpenrose Dairy farm. It was a bad time but we quickly salvaged the day with a trip to the Oregon Zoo. So it wasn’t a total waste on Saturday and on Sunday, Our daughter had a great day seeing her cousin’s and having a massive Easter Egg hunt in which both her and cousin got bored of after awhile of collecting.

Projects I’m currently working on are some game play’s of Dying Light, This strange Life, and Watch Dogs. So please keep an eye out on here as I will post video links to the channel on youtube and These games will be my first series so please keep in mind I’m still trying to get use to the sound of my voice and you might get to hear my daughter in the background.

Stay Tuned here for Updates and Behind the scene stuff and follow along with me from the beginning to wherever all this may take us.

iHawku saying Have a Great day, I’m out!!!!

ME: Present & Future Goals to living my dream.

*About me – Hi I’m iHawku aka Thomas and I’m a father with a very big dream. I am a Gamer but I don’t want to be know for just gaming but for Comedy and Entertainer as well. I recently lost my job as a Home caregiver, taking care of my uncle for 5 years up until his passing. My fiancee and our daughter have been my courage to step into the light and supported me to take the first step in my dream and wont let me quit no matter what.

Future – I eventually want to make movies and shows and plan on making a Comedy show once I get the money to buy proper equipment. I would like to be know not for just gaming content but also everything for mentioned above. I plan on blogging my experiences and blogging on stuff important to me and blogging behind the scenes so people one here will get to see the good and bad times of me so that’s what my future goal is to aim for.

So in Closing, Please follow me here for updates and personal behind the scene stuff and experience this journey with me. Thank you for reading.

P.S. – Have a Great Easter Weekend and if you don’t celebrate Easter then I hope you have a great weekend Thank You Everyone.