Weekend Edition – Finding Your Readers Plus Good Reads and Writing Tips

Amazing post. I am so Inspired and Hopefully someday soon I will have a much bigger audience. I am learning about what it means to be a blogger and a writer and I can’t until I see many people inspired by what I write.

Live to Write - Write to Live

So Many Fish in the Sea, So Many Readers in the World

wooded roadWriting is an intrinsically challenging task. To do it well you must corral and harness many different parts of your intellect and spirit. You must learn to manage the diverse elements of your vision, imagination, and craft so that they move in tandem, pulling your story forward. The process requires varying degrees of earned skill, innate intuition, and stubborn stamina.

If, in addition to getting the words on the page, you also hope to have others read those words, you introduce an entirely new layer of complexity to your literary endeavors. In essence, you invite strangers to collaborate in your creative process. Because, make no mistake, crafting your story with a reader in mind (even an as yet unknown reader) changes both the writing experience and its outcome. As Samuel Johnson said, “A writer only begins a book…

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Can I have your Opinion?????

Hey Guy’s and Gal’s,

It’s iHawku here with a new post with some fresh idea’s I would like to bounce off all you and gain your feed back on if you would watch something like the idea’s I’m about to share with you and/or read any of the upcoming idea’s I have to help me get a better understanding of you the reader/viewer.

I would like to THANK YOU in advance because without you guy’s and gal’s reading this I would probably lose the motivation to do this, to chase after my dream’s and I am very honored to have all the people who have stuck with me. ^.^

Idea’s I have to do for Youtube and for my Post for all you to read.

1. Father/Daughter – This is an Idea I have had for a long time but I can’t make a Youtube video about it yet as I still need a good video camera to capture a great quality video but this Idea is a series about being a Father and the joy’s that comes with being a father. With teen mom people see all what mothers go through but what about us fathers, some of us go through alot for the sake of our families. We need some more programs that inspire more males who are about to be fathers and to help guide them into fatherhood and what to expect and not expect out of the mother of our child’s. I believe I can help inspire newly found fathers find their way and find the strength they need to carry on even in the toughest of times.

Level Up – This is a weekend talk show I was thinking of doing when I can get a video camera. Where it will inspire and brighten everyone who watch with fun light hearted topics and doing fun challenges with special guest. I have wanted to do this idea for the longest time and would like to know what you guys think on the matter.

Gamer’s Cookbook – A cooking show idea I had inspired by many that is focused to help out gamers or busy people make simple yet delicious healthy inspired meals in half the time with all the prep work done a day ahead of time and finishing up the meal the next leaving you the busy person in mind less stress and less worry about how your going to get tonights dinner done and in a healthy fashion.

Those are just a few idea’s I have and would really like everyones input so please Share this post with your friend’s and leave a comment I would be honored to hear what you have to say and as always.

*This is iHawku saying “Have a Fantastic Day and I’m out.”

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ME: Present & Future Goals to living my dream.

*About me – Hi I’m iHawku aka Thomas and I’m a father with a very big dream. I am a Gamer but I don’t want to be know for just gaming but for Comedy and Entertainer as well. I recently lost my job as a Home caregiver, taking care of my uncle for 5 years up until his passing. My fiancee and our daughter have been my courage to step into the light and supported me to take the first step in my dream and wont let me quit no matter what.

Future – I eventually want to make movies and shows and plan on making a Comedy show once I get the money to buy proper equipment. I would like to be know not for just gaming content but also everything for mentioned above. I plan on blogging my experiences and blogging on stuff important to me and blogging behind the scenes so people one here will get to see the good and bad times of me so that’s what my future goal is to aim for.

So in Closing, Please follow me here for updates and personal behind the scene stuff and experience this journey with me. Thank you for reading.

P.S. – Have a Great Easter Weekend and if you don’t celebrate Easter then I hope you have a great weekend Thank You Everyone.