Tuesday Update – 4/21/2015

Hello #LotusFamilie

I am iHawku, here to bring you a Tuesday Update for 4/21/2015 that you can only find here ~.^

Feeling Refreshed and Renewed……

Today, I am feeling refreshed and renewed because yesterday was one of my first long streams I have ever done. It made me feel great and I am feeling more & more comfortable everyday and with that includes feeling better about editing and making videos as well.

I know I have not been uploading daily but I think now I’m doing better with it and I feel more confident about doing this and I do owe it to my fiancee and the rest of my #LotusFamilie that I consist of Family, Friends and Fans.

I know I just started this Lotus Familie but I wanted to start a brand that would be focused towards all those who believe in me and support me and stand behind me. I made it because I honor family and peace. Family never has to be blood related but rather I think of family of those deep bonds we hold so dearly to us and that’s what this brand is all about.

The Brand #LotusFamilie isn’t just about me but all of us and I consider anyone who read’s these to be apart of this family and apart of me which I honor every single day will honor it every day you all support me.

I will always aim to be a better and greater person and that growth will never stop because to stop growing is to stop living and I love life and all it’s beauty. There may be negative forces in the world and I can’t stop all of that but I can inspire and bring a little ounce of positive force to everyone I can reach and to everyone who are looking for it.

Update on Current State of Content:

I happy to announce that I am working on video’s to bring you all daily and will do a better job of bring content to you all daily.

As we speak, I am rendering a video right now but my computer sucks at rendering lol so it take 2 hours per video to render at 720p and if anyone wants to help me out I can always setup a donation link but that would be all up to you guys so please down below tell me what you guys are hoping to see and if you have anything else you want to say I welcome and encourage to hear from all of you.

Thank You all #LotusFamilie for reading and as always…….

iHawku saying ” Have a Wonderful Night and I will see you later.” ^.^


Feature Saturday – 4/18/2015 *Name Change*

Saturday April 18, 2015

So I officially Changed the name of this weekly post from “Songs 4 the Weekends” to “Feature Saturday”. It’s all the same content which will Feature a Person and a Song for the weekend to help inspire others to pursue their dreams. This weekend I have the perfect person and song in mind so without further a due lets get this rolling right with the person First and Song last. I hope you guys enjoy this read and hope the person & song mentioned in this post can inspire you to take the first step forward.

Featured Person of the Weekend is…………………



Background of Nolan James Burke from personal experience. The time I met Nolan I knew him as Monster on XBL(Xbox Live) and what little I did know of him at first was that his friends Bronzwini and Panties were some of my first friend’s going into Call of Duty. I knew by looking at his profile that he was from California and Loved Music as much as he loved Gaming as well as somethings related to the Grim Reaper aka His name now lol. Over the years I knew of his band and how they tried so hard to make it into the music scene which is one of the hardest things to get into that I know of. Nolan and I have been friends for many years now and over those years I have seen him make huge personal achievements from Getting in Shape to making big changes in his life one of which led him to meet his Girlfriend Griimreaperess. Nolan and his girlfriend made a huge step forward in this last year or so not just moving in together but to move to Virginia also. From our little squad group of Bronzwini, Panties, Monster,Me(xZenSurfinGx), Charlie Br0wn, Silica/Finnagan to His current team now to follow his dream which is Team INFINITY or Team INI for short.

Current Dream of Nolan’s – His current dream is one he shares with his team in becoming professional Esports Team. I have been in alot of his team’s Livestream and I can honestly say I’m happy and Proud of my friend Nolan and his team. From what I have seen they are very down to earth group and they show great support in one another and they believe in eachother which is why I fully stand behind my friend Nolan and his team. I wish them the best of luck in chasing down their dream and achieving it together.

In Closing – So in closing I would like anyone who reads this that its never too late to follow your dreams and you can never be to old to dream big.

To Nolan James Burke – I would like my friend Nolan to know that I am very happy and proud to have met him when I did and to see his growth over the years in becoming a great person to have as a friend. I am very honored to Feature him in this post and Happy he found a girl who not only shares his dream but in everything he likes as well. I asked Nolan what kind of info he wanted me to put into this post and all he said was put all the team’s info in this post and that is honorable beyond words so I will honor his request.


https://www.youtube.com/user/teaminfinityini – TEAM INI YOUTUBE

https://twitter.com/Team_INI – TEAM INI TWITTER

https://instagram.com/Team_INI – TEAM INI INSTAGRAM

http://www.twitch.tv/team_ini – TEAM INI TWITCH

THANK YOU Nolan, GriimReaperess, and the rest of TEAM INI for letting me feature Not only my friend but you guys as well.



I choose this song as it not only is inspiring but is also our Secret Calling to our hopes in fulfilling our Dream’s and that its never too late to hear your future calling you from the distance.

Song: Secret Calling  – Artist: I EXIST

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This is iHawku saying “Have a Great Weekend everyone and I’m Out.” ^.^