Personal Blog #2 – Down but not Out!!!!!!

Hello All my #LotusFamilie

How are all you doing today??

I for one, woke up with sick but luckily it’s only a cold. I am be down but not Out!!!!

On these types of day’s, I remind myself all the time’s I have been sick and/or when a family member of mine has been sick and I have a few stories to share with all of you ~.^

Personal Story #2 – One time in my Childhood.

Now I know some of you may be asking why is this one titled number 2 and that’s because I have already told my first personal story in another post titled “Behind the Person” so go check that one out for the first of many stories.

We start this story with the setting, it’s Fall time in Canby, Oregon and I have a sever cold or flu like illness. My mother Christina, has just called my school to report that I would not be in today for the account of being sick. My mother also worked for the Canby Cable company at the time that was located next to if not behind the local 7/11 at the time and she was looking through the pay per view movies trying to find me a suitable movie to watch while she went to the store to get me some soup, gatorade, and medicine. I remember we got to a movie called Free Willy 2 and I light up like a Christmas tree because of the fact that I loved Free willy 1 and could not wait to watch it. So my mother went off to the store and as I laid there watching one of my favorite movie series I couldn’t help but smile in thinking that this was one of those mother and son moment’s that my sister wasn’t apart of (LOL).

It was a truly touching moment that I can think back to that my sister was not apart of and that it was one of those rare moment’s of one on one time where it was just my mother and I because soon after that it wasn’t long before my parent’s got a divorce. When they got a divorce, my sister got ever more attention than I did but this memory, of this day is one that makes me smile because it’s a moment between a mother and her son.

Personal Story #3 – Taking Care of a Parent.

This Next story involves my father and I. It’s one of those stories that doesn’t show any impact but yet can show unconditional love to a parent you hold deep in your heart.

So moving on down the line, we find ourselves in my high school years and this story takes place at a time after my father getting remarried. My Mother and Sister (Kelsey) move somewhere south of Canby but still in Oregon in a small town called Scio.

We start this story on the weekend and my step mother Lori, Has gone to see her parent’s for the weekend and my father is sick in bed. My step sister’s are hanging out with their friends and I am at home just being lazy, watching tv. I remember my father Tim, asking me into his room only to find out that he wants more Gatorade. So I go to the fridge and pour him some more but quickly realize that this is the last glass of it because the bottle is now empty. I walked back into his room to hand him the drink and I asked him to spot me a $20 dollar’s. When he gave it to me, I proceeded to begin my walk to the store and I remember when I got to the store that the only Gatorade to get was Fruit Punch and I also grabbed some chicken noodle soup, CHUNKY. I also remember walking up the street alittle bit from the store to McDonald’s and grabbing a few cheeseburgers and heading home. On my way home, I walked around giving my step sisters some of the burgers I had got and making my way back home. When I got home, you could probably guess that I did make the soup for my dad and that’s about one time I felt proud of myself because through out my high school year’s I wasn’t proud of myself and I didn’t have much confidence at all in high school. In high school I wore alot of different mask’s to hide who I truly was and made up lies to hide the pain.

But anyways we will end story time here as my mind is blanking out on words and I am feeling tired lol.

In Conclusion – I wanted to tell these stories not only because they are of when I or someone else was sick but to help Some parents and children of parents that It’s Never Too late to Change how things are now and you can always find a way to reconnect with the ones you love but also keep in mind to not expect or want anything in return to just do it for unconditional love because you never know how the other person is going to react. All you can control is yourself and if you don’t keep high expectations then you can’t get hurt as bad and you can feel better knowing that you’re trying to change and be better because if your not trying then you’re not living.

iHawku saying “Have a wonderful Day and You are all Family to me.” ^.^

Share this and Help other’s become a part of the #LotusFamilie.


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