Tuesday – You know whats coming!?!?!?!?!? 4/14/2015

AAAAWWW YYYYEEEEAAAAHHHH Son, It’s Tuesday and You Know What That Means?!?!?!?! Time for This Update to BEGIN………..

Hey Guys & Gals, It’s iHawku Coming at you with the Behind the scenes Tuesday Update that happens weekly and is something to look forward to every week. Where I give you insight on current goals for the week and a slew a stories of everything that went down since last Tuesday’s Update. So without further a due lets jump right into it of today the 14 of April, 2015.

Stories First, WWWWHHHHHAAAAATTTTTT!?!?!?!?!?!?

So since the last update we followed with our first Video which honestly didn’t turn out too great but they will get better, I mean honestly there’s only one way to go and that’s up since I am at Rock Bottom now lol. This whole week has been crazy for me I have been trying to get a another job so I can make money to get better equipment so I can make better video’s for everyone but I have not had luck getting one yet but I will. Also This weekend was my fiancee’s Brother’s Birthday, his name is Shane and Saturday was his birthday family dinner where my fiancee’s side of her family all get together to share a meal and where everyone can have fun talking and making fun of each other. My Daughter Nevaeh got to see her cousin Lexi (Who is Shane’s Daughter). Nevaeh is 3 and Lexi is 2, They always have fun together causing chaos and soon another cousin of theirs Mason will be joining Them as soon as he gets to walk lol. My Fiancee’s family all do this at her parents house hosted by Jim & Irene where everyone one goes to for family events which include from Oldest to Youngest – Shane, Candi(my Fiancee), Joie, Ashley, and Isaiah then with all of our kids it goes – Nevaeh(my Daughter), Lexi(Shane’s Daughter), and Mason(Ashley’s Son). Now I cant complete this story without the spouses/relationships of everyone so Shane’s wife is Elise, Im with Candi so yeah lol, Then there’s Joie with his GF Johnna, Ashley’s fiancee is Nick, and Isaiah’s GF name is Ashley.

Wow, ok now that I have listed everyone off lets move along to Sunday. Sunday my Fiancee and myself along with our daughter went to Canby to visit my parents where Nevaeh always has a fun time seeing all of her grandparents especially all in one weekend. So I don’t forget my parents names are Tim & Lori and I have another mom named Christina who I dont see that often and I feel bad for that and need to make a better effort of seeing as well.

Future Goals for this week are as follow but not always in the right order.

Get more video’s going Daily but if I cant then my own personal goal is to release atleast 2 video’s if not more since I only did one last week.

Also Look forward to Saturday’s Post is going to be written and released on Saturday at Midnight when its turning into Saturday cause The Person I am Featuring also Has an event this weekend and I want to make sure he has plenty of time to share it before his event kicks off. So stay tuned for that Story Feature on SONGS 4 THE WEEKENDS.

Also I am planning on releasing another blog with behind the Person – iHawku Personal Story #2 and I want to start a brand new Blog Series which I will not tell you about until I release it.

So Please Stay Tuned in Here by Hitting that Follow and Sharing this would be a great honor to myself So that I may continue to grow and expand. Thanks Everyone and this is iHawku saying ” Have a great Day and I’m Out.”


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