Tuesday Update – 4/7/2015

Hey Everyone, iHawku here with your Tuesday Update!!!!!!

Tuesday Update: So Easter weekend just came and went. It was a mixed weekend at best lol because on Saturday, my Fiancee and I took our daughter to a Egg hunt at Alpenrose Dairy farm. It was a bad time but we quickly salvaged the day with a trip to the Oregon Zoo. So it wasn’t a total waste on Saturday and on Sunday, Our daughter had a great day seeing her cousin’s and having a massive Easter Egg hunt in which both her and cousin got bored of after awhile of collecting.

Projects I’m currently working on are some game play’s of Dying Light, This strange Life, and Watch Dogs. So please keep an eye out on here as I will post video links to the channel on youtube and These games will be my first series so please keep in mind I’m still trying to get use to the sound of my voice and you might get to hear my daughter in the background.

Stay Tuned here for Updates and Behind the scene stuff and follow along with me from the beginning to wherever all this may take us.

iHawku saying Have a Great day, I’m out!!!!


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